Samsung Galaxy S III vs. iPhone 5

Which phone should you buy?

If your in the market for a high end smartphone the top choices are the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3, but before you make your choice lets compare the two.

The Samsung Galaxy S III

The Samsung Galaxy S III, inspired by nature is a new Android phone with a 4.6 inch high definition screen and an 8 mega pixel auto focus camera with burst shot. With its intelligence, such as Direct call, Smart Stay, Smart Alert, and S Voice it brings features that no other phone on the market offers. Sharing has never been easier with Samsung’s new S Beam feature that can let you share pictures and videos instantly with one touch.  The new smooth and curved design is available in 6 different colours. On board it has memory of 16 and 32GB. Supported networks include 2.5G, 3G and 4G.  Also the latest Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC, and Bluetooth capabilities are available.  Accessories are also included such as, the Desktop Dock, the Flip Cover, and the MP3 Player.

The iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 is an Apple product described as “the thinnest, lightest, fastest iPhone ever.” It is 18% much thinner, 20% lighter, and 12% less volume. It has a 4 inch widescreen Multi-touch retina display, with a 1136×640 pixel resolution. The iPhone 5’s 8-megapixel isight camera comes with LED flash and HD video recording in the highest quality (1080p). Along with the iPhone comes many built in apps, such as Siri, an app that assists you just from the sound of your voice. FaceTime is an easy way to connect with your friends and family through Wi-Fi or cellular. New Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic are included with the iPhone 5. Internally it includes a A6 dual-core processor that is more than capable of handling any app or video processing you throw at it.

Leave a comment below with your thoughts of the New Samsung Galaxy S III and the iPhone 5.

7 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S III vs. iPhone 5

  1. Really hard to choose between any of this two smartphones. I currently have an iPhone 4S but if I were to choose a phone with a bigger screen I would probably go for the galaxy one.

    • I had a 4S previously, I decided to go with a iPhone 5 this year. In my opinion the size is just perfect and it’s well worth the upgrade.

      • What I am trying to say is that the Samsung galaxy has not just a large screen but it is also wider, so if the screen size matters then I would choose the galaxy one.

  2. Black Berry becomes obsolete when touching phone was invented, and the excited consumers are always ready to spend money on the latest model.

  3. I think if the S3 is faster than the iphone 5 if you compare the specs but apple has always been at top of the game with integrating new features in the cell phone market . As my personal choice i would like the iphone 5 better because of its user friendly interface.

  4. I had on my hands I phone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy s 111 it’s best phone I ever had; I personally don’t like I phone 5, galaxy it’s fast every time videos or movies, its resolution big wide screen all you want to do it’s watch movies all day, its got galaxy smart voice thing it’s very sweet feature.

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